Work Floor

A work floor plan is one among the most important aspects when planning an Office Interior. Whether the office is large or small, a floor plan will make the interior design options more clear, just so a productive and effective office layout will be created. We at Oahfeo make sure that when planning large office spaces, you can fit all your employees and the spaces they need, such as meeting rooms, lounge area, etc. While planning a small office, we consider that the size and purpose of furnishings are used purposely to make the space as efficient as possible. Floor plans are an essential part of any office planning or design project and we leave no stone unturned for that. You'll walk down the aisle with ease and comfort. We always offer tailored flooring options which are best suited for your business needs.


As designers, we know the cafeteria is an integral part of the workplace culture, where employees find respite and meet to connect and collaborate with colleagues. That is the reason we lay more importance to the details. We make sure to create an area of wellness while planning layout for cafeteria & different zones with different furniture layouts make the room more interesting. Artwork, lighting and light music establish an inviting and lively atmosphere while maintaining the culture that has been cultivated in the office. Creating a relaxing yet vibrant ambiance will draw employees in and keep them energized and productive for the day.

Conference Room

Conference rooms and meeting spaces are an important part of every office design project. The meetings that need to happen, having them in conference room that is well-designed and outfitted with the correct equipments can make a big difference when trying to get business goals accomplished. Most conference rooms require improved privacy therefore it requires translucent window film or window curtains to improve the rooms isolation. Quality acoustic systems also play an important role by keeping sound either in or out to improve focus. The basic categories for conference room are seating, work surfaces, collaborative equipment, acoustics and privacy, though exact specifications are highly subjective and dependent on what you and your organization needs & we're right on job to provide you with those specifications.

What We Have Here for You

24x7 Access

For office spaces to have a 24×7 access, it needs to be efficiently designed in terms of lighting, security settings, outlook, ease of movement, and accurate space distribution to ensure smoother functioning of the organisation. We provide such services that feed all of the above mentioned requirements and beyond. There are some companies that also works for night-shift, so the lighting arrangements are supposed to be done keeping it in mind. There are organizations which operate on weekends and holidays too, so some corners should be artistic and appealing in order to have a light mood during the worktime.

Ready to move into

A ready to move-in office space is one where the interiors have been professionally designed and pre-done. The office space is outfitted with minimalism aspect in mind along with soft furnishings that have an aesthetical appeal. We provide interiors for Ready to move in office spaces which are ideal for companies that are looking for a permanent location for their office but require a temporary office area to continue operations. When we are renovating or redecorating your office space, it is worthwhile moving into a ready to Move-in office space so as to not disrupt regular office work.

Customised Office Spaces

Oahfeo brings premium Office designs to match your working requirements for all scales and sizes. We ensure your working realm is an ergonomic representation of your working style and supports your daily operations in the most effective manner possible. You know as your business grows so will your team, and at some point you may rethink about your office landscape. If you’re looking for any kind of customization, be it office cubicles, office desks, reception area, conference rooms, cafeterias or to revamp your office space outlook, we can help.

Business address and mail handling

This service is aimed at multinational companies that require an address, without setting up a physical office themselves. We at OAHFEO, provide the official address of international entities in addition to other available corporate secretarial services one such as Mail handling. We can be assigned to aggregate and scan all mails received by international entities and forward the soft copy of the relevant documents to a designated company contact.

Flexible Terms

The work schedule of ours are designed in such a way to harmoniously cooperate with yours. We work on flexible terms with timing and scheduling, all the processes will be completed within promised timeframe and detailed project milestone description will be updated to you gradually. Since we operate for designing Office Spaces as in whole and we also provide service for customization, therefore the service we provide to you are based upon flexible conditions.

High-quality,ergonomic furniture

In current times, organizations and employees have to adapt to the ever changing work environments. Whether your organization embraces the concept of work-anywhere programs or actively promotes telecommuting we ensure that your employees get the high-quality ergonomic assistance in terms of seating and furniture because it is vital for their comfort, health, wellness & productivity.

Conference Room​

There’s a whole lot to consider when designing conference rooms it may include the technology, placement in the office corner, interior design outlook, and much more. In a working world that is increasingly centered around planning and execution, the conference room stands as one of the important area for a private & productive meeting. Its hard to get a conference room's design, features & format just right but we will incorporate various designing modulation to bring out the best type for your organizational requirement. We're aware that while designing conferencing areas, it’s important to consider that the employees, clients & team members will be using the space for the purpose of collaboration and discussion.

Gigabit Internet​

It is proven that the average employee wastes approximately an entire workweek of time each year on slow computer performance and slow Internet connectivity. Even A study by SanDisk found that the most common and time-consuming delays were caused by waiting for necessary file uploads and downloads to complete. Therefore, an upgrade to Gigabit Internet is about speed, which we'll ensure gets resonated well with the interiors of your office space. Hi-speed internet, when observed in long term, saves more time and money for any working organization. We care not to miss this aspect while modulating your workspace. We have tie-ups with all Gigabit Internet providers for better connectivity and smooth operation execution.

Offices of all sizes add space or move locations easily

Each and every organization is unique in its own way and so are its team members, number of employees, workforce requirement etc. Designing Office Spaces of all sized is something we have expertise in. Whether you want an office corner suited for yourself or a whole floor designed for all your employees or a fully functioning office building, anything and everything can be done by our team of professionals with acute precision. Alongside that, moving an entire office regionally or to a different city, is a massive project in itself. It requires strategic planning and careful execution. While Office relocation requires none or minimum loss in productivity of your team, we at Oahfeo are all time present to help with that.

Space to make your
greatest impact.

The office space is the place which gives a face value to your organization. It is where your employees are going to work, where your national & international clients are going to visit and meet you, so we can agree on the fact that the office space lays the greatest impact on everyone associated with the brand directly or indirectly.

Private Office Space

For the businesses which are looking for their own space, a private office provides separation from other companies, ensuring businesses privacy for some or the other confidential work and a quieter work environment. We are renowned for designing and customizing any kind of Office spaces at small, medium, to large scale areas. They are modified as per your choice and your organizational needs. The private office space are of various types, which are serviced, leased, managed and subleased and we can create appropriate Interior designs tailor made for the taste of the owner.


It is evident that when it comes to interior designing it is best to trust the professionals. One of the reasons is that we have access to plenty of resources required to get the job done. We make indoor spaces functional, luxurious, fascinating, safe, pleasing as well as convenient to stay in. We study the area and the location properly so that the designs we make utilize the space requirements totally. Our trusted clients have hired us and collaborated with us only because of the authentic value we provide to them. As Interior designer, we understand the need of the owner and eventually bring their Dream Space come alive out of mere imagination.

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