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Take Advantage of Co-Working Office Spaces – Read These 8 Tips!

With an increasing number of people working remotely these days, Co-Working Spaces are getting popular. Keep reading to know more about them!

Co-Working Spaces are the future! Or so everyone says. But what is Co-Working? How useful is it? Why is it the future? Keep reading to find out!

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is Co-Working?

Co-Working is a shared workspace (like an office or an open work environment)
with people who are self-employed / work remotely. It’s just like studying together with
friends one day before the exam – everyone is their most productive self, and are happy
to help each other out!

Co working Workspace or Co working space office illustration.

Who can take advantage of Co-Working Spaces?

Co-Working might be something to try out for individuals and freelancers who have been working from home for a long time and need a change can try out a Co-Working Space by choosing a Day Pass. If you would like to continue using a Co-Working Space, you can browse through the various monthly subscriptions available here. Small businesses and startups who do not have their own office space yet, but want to sit and work together with the team can opt for Private Offices. Virtual companies who need to have that long overdue in-person meeting can try out the Meeting Room service. The number of virtual businesses with no physical office has grown drastically. They can take advantage of the Virtual Offices service.

Remote work Fast Fact :
87% of employees say the office is important for collaborating with their team members and building relationships.
How can Co-Working help you?

With so many options and varieties being added to the Co-Working market daily, you should know how a Co-Working Space can help you. Here are a few things to get you hooked to Co-Working –

You Got this Motivation board on office desk

1. Get inspired- Working at home or in the company office often feels monotonous after a while. You see the same things and same people every day, and it’s challenging to be creative. Co-Working Spaces are equipped with colorful walls and inspiring views to help you awaken your creative side!

ave Money from Co-working

2. Save, save and save! Working from home often makes us go over budget by spending on things usually available in offices. We end up investing in a table, a comfortable chair, and then making it cozy and comfortable, buying a printer, paying enormous rents and so much more! Co-Working Spaces offer budget-friendly packages and services that include Wi-fi, comfortable furniture, printing services, parking, Tea / Coffee, etc. Think about how much energy you will save with these shared resources!

3. Stay motivated- With everyone around you working, you will naturally be motivated to work. Also, no one is against guilt-tripping yourself into working! Jokes apart, the overall atmosphere at Co-Working Spaces is work-friendly. It gives you something to look forward to – every day! It MAKES you get ready and get out of the house – which is often the part that needs most energy.

People working in Co-working Space, Oahfeo workspace

4. Stay focused- We have all been there! The wall that looks most interesting, the doorbell that rings, the cooker that blows at home, and the ever-ringing phones, loud colleagues, and endless distractions at the company office. You can avoid all of these successfully by sharing a Co-Working Space where nobody will bother you, but you will still not feel lonely.

5. Grow your network- May it be at home or in the company office, we meet and work around the same people. Co-Working Spaces often make you cross paths with like-minded people and even those with a completely different take on life – be it work, or living in general! You might meet just the person you never knew you needed! And if you do the math, there is no chance you would have met them otherwise! With people from different walks of life working together under one roof,
there’s bound to be discussions and exchanges of ideas that help you not only in your professional but personal life as well.

Work Life Balance by choosing Co workspace

6. Achieve that Work-Life balance, finally! – In the past two years, working from home has dimmed that thin line between professional and personal life. Home and work have become synonymous. Having a dedicated space to work outside the house makes life a lot easier. You can set boundaries and give time to yourself, your friends and your family.

Work During Night, Oahfeo coworking space

7. Work WHENEVER you want- Foreign clients, but cannot take late-night calls at the office because it’s closed and neither at home because the family’s asleep? Worry not! With Oahfeo’s 24-hour Co-Working Space in Gurugram and Delhi, you can choose your own time to work. Do not miss out on great work opportunities just for lack of late-night Co-Working Spaces!

People laughing during lunch, oahfeo workspace

8. Have a different office every day! – You can choose from Oahfeo’s Best Co-Working Spaces in New Delhi and Gurugram. All our locations are aesthetic, practical, and inspiring! You can choose from a wide range of ergonomic furniture at all our offices. Say, a standing desk today, a window-facing desk tomorrow, and maybe a bean bag the day after! Choose a spot that suits your mood!

There’s so much more a Co-Working Space can do for you. We offer budget Co-Working space in Delhi and Gurugram and customize office space solutions for small and medium businesses as well. Contact us for more information for Best Co-Working space in Gurugram or on any of the services we provide. If you cannot see an option but would like to try it out, get in touch with us! We will try our best to make it available to you.

Oahfeo - coworking space
Visit oahfeo.Com for locations and more information on services/packages. Happy Co-Working!

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